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Classroom Information

Classroom Information:


Behavior Chart--Please check your child’s behavior chart daily and sign at the end of each week.  The behavior chart is kept in the front pocket of your child's take home binder.  If your child has changed his or her color, please take note of the conduct codes that explain the misbehavior.  Codes and color change consequences are kept at the bottom of the behavior chart for you to use as a reference. 


Behavior Codes (will be listed on behavior chart in take home folder):          

  1. Not following adult directions.
  2. Talking during instruction or work time.
  3. Off task  during instruction or work time.
  4. Not getting along with others.
  5. Not finishing work on time.
  6. Problems following the lunch, music, or P.E. rules

BinderPlease check your child's take home binder daily for notes from teacher or school, important forms, and graded/returned class work.  You may also communicate with me by writing notes in the back section of your child’s binder using the provided notebook paper.  Homework and reading journal pages will be kept in the binder.  Please have your child bring his/her binder to school daily.


Color Change Consequences:

Green: 0 changes   Ready to Learn               

Yellow: 1 change     Think About It—1 minute “think time”                         

Orange: 2 changes  Make a Better Choice—5 minute “think time”          

Red: 3 changes        Parent Contact—miss all of recess         

**In severe cases, a conference with the principal, asst. principal, and/or possibly sent to ISS (in-school suspension) may be necessary.


Conduct Grades—Behavior charts are used to determine your child’s conduct grade on progress reports and report cards.  Students start out the grading period with 100 points.  Each color change will be a 1 point reduction from the 100 points.  The following points will determine the letter grade for conduct as seen on progress reports and report cards: 

100-80 points = S (Satisfactory)

79-70 points = N (Needs Improvement)

69 points or below = U (Unsatisfactory)

Students start out with 100 points.  Each color change will be a 1 point deduction.

Homework— Please check your child’s homework folder inside the binder for his/her homework assignment for the week.  The homework has your child practicing the skills we're learning for the week.  All homework will be due on Fridays.


Reading Journal-- Your child will have a reading journal page placed in the folder in their binder.  They are to read the page each night.  Reading journal pages are due on Fridays and are kept in the binder. Please sign your child’s reading journal page in the appropriate area each night.


Snacks- Please send snacks for 22 students at the beginning of every grading period.  If everyone brings a snack to share, we will have enough until the next grading period.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND PEANUT PRODUCTS due to potential allergies.


TardiesSchool begins at 7:15 a.m.  Your child is considered tardy after 7:15 a.m.