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Karen Holmes

Our year is coming to a close and it has been very different. We have lost a lot of equipment so we have been limited in the activities that we have been able to do this year. We are very thankful to the American Heart Association for donating basketballs, playground balls, and soccer balls. Because of this donation we have been able to do units on basketball and soccer. We have a Donorschoose page as well where donations can be made so we can replace other equipment we lost in Harvey.

The students have learned many other new games and activities that have kept them active in the gym. We were sad to have to forego Jump Rope for Heart, but hopefully we can resume that next year when everyone has recooped from their losses because of Harvey.

Our school is going to have a fund raiser late in May. It is called “The Adventure Fun Run”. The fund raiser is for our PTO who lost everything in the flood as well. There will be more information on this website as well as the school website, Facebook, and other means of communication.

Thank you and good health to all,

Karen Holmes


Karen Holmes

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