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A Little About Me

  My name is Susan Cooper.  I am married to my wonderful husband David, and we have an energetic, fun loving fourth grade son named Cole.  I enjoy famiy trips, watching Cole play baseball, reading, baking, and of course teaching! 

  I began teaching in 1996 at Bancroft Elementary in the West Orange Cove school district where I taught second grade for three years.  In 1999, I began teaching first grade at LCE.  Four years later, my husband was transferred to Lake Jackson, and I taught first grade at Gladys Polk Elementary in the Brazosport school district for almost a full year.  In March of that school year, my husband was transferred back to Orange, and I filled a vacant second grade position at LCE.  The next year, I began teaching first grade PLUS and remained in that position until my son Cole was born in 2007. 

  Cole was born prematurely, and due to an extended stay at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston and his medical needs, I did not return to teaching the following year.  After a year away from teaching, I became a mentor to new teachers for the ACE program at Lamar University in Orange. The following year, I did substitute teaching for the LCM district.  When Cole began preschool in 2010, I began teaching preschool at Presbyterian Day School in Orange.  I remained there for three years.  

  When Cole began kindergarten at LCE, it was the perfect time for me to return to LCE, too.  I taught first grade for one year and first grade PLUS for three years. Although I loved what I was teaching, I felt it was time for a change.  I am super excited to be teahing third grade this year!  It's going to be a fabulous year!

Susan Cooper

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