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Susan Cooper


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Contact Info:

Work Phone:

(409)886-4245 LCI

Conference Times:


Class Room Number:

110 at LCI

About Me

Educational History:

Graduated from Little Cypress Mauriceville High School 

Graduated from Sam Houston State University 

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Early Childhood Endorsement

Kindergarten Endorsement

GT Certification

Current Position:

3 years 2nd grade teacher, Bancroft Elem., West Orange Stark School District

4 years 1st grade teacher, Little Cypress Elem., LCMCISD

6 months 1st grade teacher, Gladys Polk Elem., Brazosport ISD (husband transferred to Lake Jackson, TX)

3 months 2nd grade teacher, Little Cypress Elem., LCMCISD (Completed school year, husband transferred back         to Orange)

3 years 1st grade PLUS teacher, Little Cypress Elem., LCMCISD

1 year ACE Program Mentor, Lamar University Orange

1 year substitute teacher, LCMCISD

3 years PreK 4 teacher, Presbyterian Day School, Orange, TX

1 year 1st grade teacher, Little Cypress Elem., LCMCISD

Susan Cooper

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Classroom Number:
110 at LCI
School Phone:
(409)886-4245 LCI
Conference Time: